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Mint Tin LunaSyr /LOON+uh+SEER/


Mint Tin LunaSyr

The 2-player game's tight and we're working on a solo mode named KRUSH.

Oliver of Tabletop Games Blog and Lady Inquisitor of Board Game Inquisition are teaming up for our official Kickstarter videos. They won't overhype the game and they tell it like it is with passion and expertise.

Here's a glimpse at our exciting "big box" game in a steel tin tough enough for NASA.

Mint Tin LunaSyr

The LunaSyr Mining Corporation won exclusive mining rights to the moon in 2069. As a gritty crew boss, you make lots of money for the company. Now they’re upping the game by sending a hotshot crew to compete against you. The stakes are high and you’ve got to keep your crew happy as you push them to crush the competition.

Plan your strategy and be relentless without mercy!

No downtime, a small footprint, and easy-to-read thematic rules make LunaSyr intense with a vested interest in your opponent's every move (with true take that! mechanics).

It's deeply deterministic with no dice rolling.

An Automated Robot Sentinel, nicknamed RoSe, alerts you if something bad happens. After all, the moon ain't made of cheese.

Can't wait to get my hands on the game!
Louis J. - Facebook

Mint Tin LunaSyr components
RoSe is the yellow d4 seen here and on the label above.

Here's the gear that makes your LunaSyr awesome.

Wood components from Germany made of sustainably harvested hardwood.

The Mini cards are Koehler FineTech Casino Classic black-core (310gsm) with linen finish and gloss lamination for durability.

The first-player token is a 1.25-inch aluminum coin minted on 150-ton presses (aluminum was used for the Apollo medallions).

Mint Tin LunaSyr coin

Chessex dice because they're the world's best tabletop game dice.

A dual-worker, dual-purpose rondel made of 2.5mm thick linen-finish double-laminated chipboard.

A threaded tin-plated steel tin with food-safe coating for extra wear-and-tear resistance. And a magnetic label because rare-earth elements are a lunar resource, including neodymium.

Two sets of rules—one for 2-player and one for solo (full solo rules, not just a mod)—and they both fit in the tin.

That all fits in the tin!? Wow. I am impressed. It looks like a lot of game in a little package. Go, go, go!
Badado B. - Facebook

This may be the greenest commercial game ever made!

We didn't set out to achieve this but once we saw how Earth-friendly the wood components were, we decided to see what we could do with the rest of it. For the details, see our Earth-friendly page—our new standard for all our games.

Mint Tin LunaSyr mining projects
Mint Tin LunaSyr habitat projects

Mint Tin LunaSyr KRUSH solo rules

Stand-by for the launch of our biggest game yet!

PS - there's a soundtrack and even a specialty-themed cocktail custom designed exclusively for this game—the Rusty Sputnik—it's far out and groovy!

Mint Tin LunaSyr - the album