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Eco-friendly is no longer enough—having all materials being recyclable isn't the best that all of us can do. The sustainable use of resources, including how labor is treated, is a core tenet for us. Sustainability isn't marketing, it's a challenge we must all rise to.

Verified certifications for our game cards and wood components:

Our game tins, metal coins, and packaging & shipping materials:

Our vinyl game labels:

We don't have verification of certifications for our Chessex dice which are manufactured in England, Germany, and Denmark, or for our magnetic labels (their factory is 100% solar-powered) or rules paper. Verification (via chain-of-custody) is needed before we'll claim it.

We're able to select our vendors because we do the labor ourselves. And spending a few cents more on sustainable meeples is something we choose to do. But it does limit how custom we can be and it's tempting to go offshore where our costs would be about 40% to get fully-assembled games.

Your support spurs us on to become better with each game—thank you.

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