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subQuark is Earth-friendly

The sustainable use of resources, including the treatment of labor, is a core tenet for us. Here’s what we do.

Our 10-tonne carbon-offset subscription covers:

This is possible because of your support—thank you.

We source as green as possible, for example:

And from countries with strong environmental regulation such as Germany, Denmark, United Kingdom, and the US. If we can source it as US-made, we do so to also reduce the transportation footprint.

Our component suppliers have earned these certificates:

We don’t have certificates for Chessex dice manufactured in England, Germany, and Denmark. But they do meet the strict manufacturing and environmental standards of each country. As a former Environmental Science professor and lab geologist, I only consider those with chain-of-custody verification as official.

We have full control over the suppliers we use because we assemble and produce the games ourselves. For example, we choose to spend a few cents more for environmentally-friendly meeples. This means they aren’t made to order, but they have a smaller carbon footprint than custom-made products.

When you play our games—you’re a part of responsible game development and accountability—thank you.

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