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About us

We’re a one-stop-shop making fun games with the highest quality and longest-lasting components—for you—our supporters and our community. We’re also sustainable in what we use and purchase carbon offsets to help us all breathe easier—check out our Earth-friendly info.

Our games are Made in the US, right here in Portsmouth, by the two of us.

Tabletop gaming encourages respect, equality, tolerance, and patience. It can bridge the labels of hate and bring forth our best. Playing connects rather than excludes.

What’s our story?

Hi! We’re Kate and David. =)

Kate's 5,000 lunch meeplesWe stumbled into game publishing after watching an episode of Mythbusters―about zombies, of course. It created more angst for us than any movie and we wondered how we could instill that in others. A board game came to mind—one thing led to another—and here we are.

Kate’s been called inimitable and I agree—she’s amazing. She once spent a lunch hour inspecting 5,000 meeples in her car’s backseat and she’s a whiz at keeping thousands of orders straight. Her efficient checklists are the reason we’ve shipped 10,000 Kickstarter rewards—all ahead of schedule.

I’m David and I enjoy finding unique materials for our games and streamlining their production. Like tiny carved stone skulls and creating 3D-printed stainless steel embossing dies for Mint Tin Mini Apocalypse and Mint Tin Mini Skulduggery.

Kate and I both have full-time jobs but we enjoy doing the nitty-gritty work to make and deliver our best to you.

Our approach

We’re small and hands-on and source as locally as possible.

The paper for one of our games is manufactured 30 minutes away, and our coins are minted by the oldest private US mint.

We inspect each dice, meeple, token, coin, and tin—and pull it all together on our kitchen table (and, sometimes, all over the house!) in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

subQuark pressWe’re a “small press publishing company” and we do have a small arbor press to hand-press some of our game tins.

And … we’re excited to be publishing books soon, about a chicken named ChuChu and a goat called Pedro. These will be printed by a US printer who does 16 million books a month for the big publishing houses.

Where are we now?

After three fun Kickstarters, and with our online shop, we’ve shipped tens of thousands of games all over the world (check out our map).

That’s kind of nuts, especially for a home-grown, two-person operation. No distributors—just you and us.

We love creating games and are huge supporters of other’s creativity too—we’ve backed over 900 Kickstarter projects.

We have more games in the works—one’s about mining on the moon (Mint Tin LunaSyr), another’s about falling into an abandoned mine (Mint Tin Mineshaft), and another’s a solo adventure inspired by The Legend of Zelda (1986).

Thanks for checking us out. =)

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Have fun, enjoy friends, and smile often. =)


Fulfillment Centre
Kate’s assembly-line shipping centre.

David Miller with labels
Labels from thermal printers rock!

About 340 packages
About 10% of the Mint Tin Mini Apocalypse Kickstarter rewards.

Mint Tin Pirates and int Tin Aliens ready to go!
Mint Tin Pirates & Mint Tin Aliens awaiting USPS pick-up.

Lobster-bacoan sourdough sandwich
It’s not all work—lobster-bacon sourdough sandwich recipe from a Kickstarter update!

subQuark logo
Our hand-lettered logo pays homage to Mint Tin Pirates—our first game.