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Mint Tin Mini Skulduggery

1-4 player, 10- to 25-minute dice game

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How much is your spirit worth?

Mint Tin Mini Skulduggery

Invoke the ethereal realm to roll spirit points, shatter others, and push the limits without unleashing skulduggery!

Game rules - setup & play | PDF

Game setup

Take three dice out of the tin (the ethereal realm) and give each player a crystal skull. Each player rolls one die. Highest number is the first player who then rolls again to determine the spirit number—rolling this number is called the spirit die (dice) and determines how all players collect points. Turns move clockwise.

Game play

First player rolls all three dice. If one spirit die is rolled, that player collects 1 point (white skull); if two spirit dice - player collects 5 points (black skull); if three spirit dice - player collects 10 points (two black skulls). Player must continue rolling as long as one spirit die appear. When none of the dice show the spirit number, it's the next player's turn.


Thwart your opponent's roll by using your crystal skull to shatter and remove a spirit die. If only one spirit die was rolled and it is shattered, that turn's over, and the next player rolls three dice. If the spirit number appears multiple times in a roll, multiple players can shatter and remove those spirit dice. However, if any spirit dice are still showing after shattering, collect your point(s) and continue rolling the remaining dice as long as spirit dice appear. In other words, if you can't collect points, your turn's over.

You can also shatter your own spirit die!

The option to shatter goes clockwise with one chance per player (in a 3- or 4-player game, if you're next and pass on shattering and then no one else does, you can't then decide to shatter). Feel free to openly discuss who might shatter. Once you shatter a spirit die, your crystal skull goes to the ethereal realm (the tin).

The current player doesn't collect points for shattered dice, but they do continue rolling with the remaining dice, if any spirit die is still showing.


Special rolls: If you've used your crystal skull, you reclaim it from the ethereal realm with a three-of-a-kind roll, a triple. If the triple are spirit dice, then you also collect 10 points (if none are shattered).

If you roll any triple (spirit or any other three-of-a-kind) and can't collect points or reclaim your crystal skull or do both, then the Winged Death Head coin comes out hourglass-side up, and it's the next players turn.

If the coin's already out, you must flip it over to reveal the dreaded winged death head—brace yourself as the spirits of the ethereal realm burst forth!

Everyone keeps their crystal skull (if they have one) and everyone passes their points to the player on their left. That's SKULDUGGERY! And the winged death head coin now returns to the ethereal realm.

To stave off Skulduggery, you can banish the coin while it is hourglass-side up. Do this on your turn with your crystal skull before the first roll of your turn. Both the coin and your crystal skull return to the ethereal realm.

Fight the ethereal realm for power with straights!

On a low-straight, 1-2-3, the ethereal realm gives a point to the lowest or lowest tied scoring player(s). On a high-straight, 4-5-6, the ethereal realm takes a point from the highest or highest tied scoring player(s). If a spirit die is one of the straights, collect that point after dealing with the straight.

A spirit die can be shattered in a straight after points are given or taken. If shattered, do not collect that spirit point and since no spirit number die is now showing, that turn's over.



Score exactly 15 points to win. If you roll over, you bust for that turn and collect no points. Your turn's over, and the next player goes.

It's possible that multiple players tie as winners. In that case, celebrate and play another game!

Remember, you can escape a bust by unleashing your crystal skull upon yourself! Shatter your own spirit die. The ultimate act of self-sacrifice!


There are enough stone skulls for up to 14 points per player. The 15th point is your winning spirit die.

Need to pause the game? The next player holds the dice before they roll. Works great when you're playing at lunch or dinner.

Solo Rules by Nick Shaw

Get ready for an otherworldly opponent with clever AI—Æthereal Intelligence!

Game setup

Set up for a 2-player game, except that your opponent—the Spectre—starts with three crystal skulls.

Game play

You start the game. Unless mentioned, apply the same rules as the standard game throughout (e.g. triples, low & high straights, the Winged Death Head coin, and Skulduggery!).

Your turn
You play your turn as usual. If you roll at least one spirit die, the Spectre decides whether or not to use one of its crystal skulls (if it has any) to shatter your spirit die. It carries out the first applicable condition from the following:


If you decide to shatter your own die to avoid busting, the Spectre doesn't then "change its mind" about shattering a die (it had its chance!).

Spectre's turn
The Spectre never uses a crystal skull to banish the coin (if it's out) at the start of its turn BUT it may do so later in its turn.

You roll for the Spectre as per the standard rules (re-rolling if it collects points, etc). It gains points and can bust just the same as you. After each of its rolls, it decides if it needs to do something extra, before you decide if you'll shatter a spirit die.

Keep playing until you or the Spectre has exactly 15 points for victory.

Complete game run through
by Nick Shaw (12:21)


Mint Tin Mini Skullduggery contains:


Mint Tin Mini Skulduggery


Mint Tin Mini Skulduggery


Oh, I've read the rules, I love them. I really like the fact you have the crystal skull to thwart your opponents. It gives the chance for interaction even when it's not your turn, I really like that. I also really like that everything is included. Often times with these type games you need pen and paper to keep score. Add to that these components are bullet proof and it's a multi-player game that ACTUALLY fits in your pocket - I will be backing this game! ;)
James S. from Facebook

Mint Tin Mini Skulduggery

Mint Tin Mini Skulduggery



Eight player

Use two games for up to 8 player—same rules, same skulduggery!


Mint Tin Mini Skulduggery

Mint Tin Mini Skulduggery



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