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Small press publisher.


What's this all about?

Our purpose

To create and share things we enjoy with you. From games to books.

Our approach

We're small and proud to source as locally as possible.

The paper for one of our games is manufactured 30 minutes away, our coins are minted at the oldest private US mint. Our supplies come from vendors who pay living wages to employees with similar life-work balances to ours. Plus it's faster to get supplies from US vendors.

Our books are printed in the US by a printer who prints 16 million books monthly for big publishing houses.

We're hands-on and maker movement.

We make these games ourselves. We inspect each dice, meeple, token, coin, and box—and pull it all together in Portsmouth, New Hampshire—in our home.

And we actually have a small press—a manual arbor press—that we use to hand-press some of our game boxes.

Who we are

We're Kate and David. Hi!

Kate's been called inimitable and I agree—she's amazing. Once she spent a lunch hour inspecting 5,000 meeples in her car! She's also incredibly wonderful.

David enjoys finding unique materials for our games. It'd be easier to use a game manufacturer but that would rob us the joy in making these by hand for you.

We both have fulltime jobs and master's degrees, blah, blah, blah, but we're just us—and we don't mind doing the nitty gritty work to create and share unique things with you.

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Have fun, enjoy friends and family, and smile often. =)