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ChuChu Chicken & Pedro the Goat

ChuChu & Pedro

Five books about two farm friends exploring their world.

Set on a small honey farm, a prize winning hen named ChuChu and her new found friend, Pedro, meet new friends as they embark on adventures together.

Includes a little science and Spanish for young readers 7 to 9 years old.

Book one publication - November 2014


ChuChu at the fence




Mint Tin Games

Micro games playable in about 10 minutes almost anywhere!

Kickstarter - Septeber 30th

Mint Tin Pirates - read the overview | rules

Min Tin PiratesAye, sworn pirate enemies!

Destroy their crew or sink their galleon to win.

Beware the Pirate Ghost!

Mint Tin Pirates is quirky & inventive. - Ben S. (18)

Mint Tin Pirates


Mint Tin Aliens - read the overview | rules

Mint Tin AliensFearless Alien Recruits in Training!

Earn merit awards on Earth and see if you have what it takes to be the next invasion leader!

I really enjoyed Mint Tin Aliens - can be played anytime, anywhere, and with anyone! - Zoe A. (16)

Mint Tin Aliens




Books on the horizon

Zombalamba - Ramblings of Ener Hax
Science Professor and Geologist turned multimedia artist Ener Hax documents her post-apocalyptic travails in a formerly kitchy and idyllic seacoast town. Illustrated journal entries try to make sense of the new world and also to help maintain her humanity.

ChuChu & Pedro Reinvent the Classics
Children's classics as acted out by that wonderful chicken and that ever-so-lovable goat!

Enclave Harbour STEM Field Trips
Self-guided science, technology, engineering, and mathematics field trips in a self-contained virtual world. Learn more.



Games in the works

Min Tin Villagers
A cooperative 2 player game where you try to build a village together before mischievous dragons carry everyone away!

Blarg, Blarg, Blarg - Alien Dominion over Cheese!
Cow abduction isn't about probing - it's about cheese! Control the cheese and you control Earth! And the moon? Yes, it is made of cheese!

ChuChu & Pedro's Farm Friends
The game based on the book series!

Hex tile-based board game with loads of replayability!


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