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Mint Tin Pirates & Mint Tin Aliens

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subQuark BooksChuChu Chicken & Pedro the Goat

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March 2015



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Mint Tin Pirates
Rules & Variations | BGG | Overview |
Designer's Backstory for the Game

Mint Tin Pirates

Mint Tin Aliens
Rules & Variations | BGG | Overview

Mint Tin Aliens



Five books about two farm friends exploring their world.

Set on a small honey farm, a prize winning hen named ChuChu and her friend, Pedro, make new aquaintances as they embark on adventures together.

From bees and frogs to owls and hedgehogs to beavers and bunnies, these sweet stories look with joy and wonder at the world around ChuChu and Pedro.

First book out March 2015 via Amazon or direct order through your local bookstore..

Coloring book out Fall 2015.


ChuChu & Pedro

ChuChu at the fence


Games in the works

Min Tin Villagers
Cooperative 2 player game building a village together before mischievous dragons carry everyone away!

Min Tin Mini Apocalypse
Simultaneous 2 player to get in the shelter first - never has so much depended on so little! Monster AI built-in!

Min Tin Pirates - Pizza Party Edition
Big tin, big 6 player game - fight in the high seas, fix your ship, get to Treasure Island, form alliances and then betray them!

Blarg, Blarg, Blarg - Alien Dominion over Cheese!
Big tin sequel to Mint Tin Aliens - cow abduction wasn't about probing - it's about cheese! Control cheese and control Earth!

ChuChu & Pedro's Farm Friends
The game based on the book series!

Hex tile-based board game with zombie AI!

Books on the horizon

Zombalamba - Ramblings of Ener Hax
Science Professor and Geologist Ener Hax documents her post-apocalyptic travails in a formerly kitchy and idyllic seacoast town. Illustrated journal entries try to make sense of the new world and maintain her humanity.

ChuChu & Pedro Reinvent the Classics
Children's classics as acted out by that wonderful chicken and ever-so-lovable goat!

Enclave Harbour STEM Field Trips
Self-guided science, technology, engineering, and mathematics field trips in a self-contained virtual world. Learn more.

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