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ChuChu Chicken and Pedro the Goat logo and link to its siteFive books about two farm friends exploring their world. Includes a little science and Spanish for young readers.

Publication - November 2014

ChuChu at the fence eating bugsChuChu Chicken & Pedro the Goat's colouring and activity book.

Estimated publication -
Spring 2015


Zombalamba logo and link to its siteA post-apocalyptic novel set in kitchy seacoast town, and the world, suddenly changes.

Estimated publication -
Winter 2015


more books in the works - ChuChu & Pedro Reinvent the Classics series, and Enclave Harbour STEM Field Trips.

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Mint Tin GamesA pair of casual portable games playable in about 10 minutes almost anywhere!

Mint Tin Pirates -
Be the last pirate standing or sink your opponent's galleon - includes the Pirate Ghost!

Mint Tin Aliens -
Complete skill building projects and see who will make a better future alien invasion leader!

Who knows, this game could be the prequel to Blarg, Blarg, Blarg - Alien Dominion over Cheese!

Kickstarter - August 2014
Publication - October 2014


more games in the works - Min Tin Villagers, ChuChu & Pedro's Farm Friends, and ZOMBALAMBA.

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