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Small press publisher.


Mint Tin Games

Tiny games with big heart.

Mint Tin Mini Skulduggery available in late spring or early summer 2019.

Mint Tin Mini Apocalypse (your EDC game)

Mint Tin Mini Apocalypse


Mint Tin Aliens

Mint Tin Aliens


Mint Tin Pirates

Mint Tin Pirates


Games individually made in the US by Kate and David.



Games on the horizon

Mint Tin Mini Skulduggery
An addictive 2-4 player dice game. Playing with the etherial realm just might unleash skulduggery.


Mint Tin LunaSyr
A competitive 2-player moon mining game. Forget cheese, the moon's made of guts & glory!

Mint Tin LunaSyr

Mint Tin Mineshaft
A semi-cooperative 2-player game. It's bad enough to have fallen into a mineshaft but it's starting to flood!

Mint Tin Odyssey (or Odyssey in a Bag)
Solo action adventure game with skulls, ancient coins, magic, and danger featuring the Delta d10 System and illustrated by Stephanie Bachman.

Mint Tin Odyssey
Books on the horizon

ChuChu Chicken & Pedro the Goat
First-chapter books following the adventures of ChuChu and Pedro, two unlikely farm friends brought together by their curiosity and delight in exploring their world.

After the Light - Ramblings of Ener Hax
Science professor and geologist Ener Hax documents her post-apocalyptic travails. Through illustrated journal entries, she tries to make sense of the new world and maintain her humanity.