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The exclusive brick-and-mortar retailer of Mint Tin Games.
In Portsmouth, New Hampshire and Portland, Maine.

Mint Tin Pirates

Competitive 2-player, 10- to 15-minute battle game

Mint Tin Pirates Setup

Mint Tin Pirates cards


Mint Tin Aliens

Competitive 2-player, 15- to 25-minute set collection game

Mint Tin Aliens setup

Mint Tin Aliens play


Mint Tin Mini Apocalypse

2-player, 5-minute real-time survival game w/soundtrack

Mint Tin Mini Apocalypse play

Mint Tin Mini Apocalypse contents


Pair of Dice Paradise’s review of Pirates & Aliens
by Chaz Marler (written review here)


Mint Tin Mini Apocalypse training film
by PairOfDice Paradise